Simple IPTV freeze/crash

I did an OSMC update today, it came up automatically so I installed it.
Ever since, doing anything with simple iptv just completely freezes the vero4k. I got so far to disable the addon, but even when disabled, messing with its settings (changing epg url) will freeze up the vero.

Any help would be appreciated

It’s not iptv simple client related, altough this seems to trigger it the fastest. Booting with hdmi and usb for the remote connected will also trigger the freeze. cpu-kodi shows 180%. Booting without anything connected and let it rest for a few minutes, then slowly connecting hdmi and the remote will give me some time to mess around, but it will eventually freeze again.


Please provide logs, so we can investigate further:

Thanks Tom.


I can see from the logs your running a staging version of osmc, normally users are only advised to have (jessie-devel) in the APT sources.list; when asked to test a staging build. The normally advise is then to remove jessie-devel from apt sources, to prevent issues occurring; its unstable in nature.

Unless you running a jessie-devel, for testing. I would reinstall and keep to the stable build.

Thanks Tom.

I installed it following this OSMC on Raspberry PI. Won't start IPTV streams - #63 by sam_nazarko
Needed that workaround for IPTV to work.

You seem to be using the staging repository. There’s currently an issue which causes instability. Your device will be fine.

Try booting, and running this:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall vero364-image-3.14.29-28-osmc

Otherwise reinstall from
On Sunday I will release an update with the IPTV fix included.

I am glad the IPTV solution works for you.

After the monthly update my vero4k seems to be working again as it should. However the IPTV fix (if included) is not working for me.

Which IPTV provider do you have?

My workaround only fixes RapidIPTV and a couple of other providers.
Debug logs when IPTV doesn’t work may help. Although the amount of time spent on workarounds fixing this crap from providers will probably be quite minimal.

I use rapidiptv indeed. I understand you are not wanting to spend too much time on this, but anything will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Debugging is disabled, so no clues there, but you want to fix this first; looks like a possibly corrupted DB

                                            Query: INSERT INTO channels (iUniqueId, bIsRadio, bIsHidden, bIsUserSetIcon, bIsUserSetName, bIsLocked, sIconPath, sChannelName, bIsVirtual, bEPGEnabled, sEPGScraper, iLastWatched, iClientId, idEpg) VALUES (542512, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, '', 'SAT.1 FHD DE', 0, 1, 'client', 0, 453935575, -1)
14:29:07.675 T:3716121584   ERROR: CommitInsertQueries - failed to execute queries

Thank you Sam!

fixing the db error (I deleted it and let it rebuild) fixed everything, working as it should now.