Since Kodi 19.1 - no reliable fast forward or rewinding

Since the last major update (19.1) I have been pretty much unable to fast forward or fast rewind in any kind of video.

What happens when I try is that the fast forward seems to work, but eventually the “skipping video display” stops skipping, and when I press play to resume playback past this point it either simply does not work, or it plays from the time index where I started fast forwarding.

I can easily replicate this with pretty much any video file I have - especially ones where i could forward and rewind “at will” with older kodi versions.

here are the logs:

here is mediainfo for one affected file:

And one more detail:
If I do a fast forward, and decelerate step by step back to normal playback speed instead of just pressing play it works fine…

Any ideas?

To my understanding, this is presently a limitation on RBP using V4L2/GBM which is mandated by Kodi v19.