Since last updates video freezes when reading from FTP - Rasp PI B512

Hi, since the last updates (september 2015 1 and 2) my raspberry (Raspberry Pi Model B 512 Mo) freezes randomly while watching x264 videos from my seedbox (FTP access).
First the sound turns off, then seconds after the video freezes, and then there is nothing I can do but unplug / replug the raspberry to restart it.
After the restart I go to upload the logs, which seems not to be working, like when it freezes there is nothing written about it… Here is a log :

It just freezed at 18:08 today october 6 while I was watching a video from FTP. I activated the debug logging fonction from Kodi before


I have no idea if these are the logs you need to help me, please tell me if not. I’m a newbie, in the way that it is the first time I have a problem with OSMC / Raspbmc, which i’ve been using for years on Raspberry.

It works fine in local (SMB and NFS). But the purpose of my seedbox was to download fast and watch it instantly on my TV, which is now not working.

Thank you !!!

I’m playing with the arrows of the keyboard browse in the video to make it freeze… Usually it works

This is the end of the log

And it crashes like 4 minutes after…
Why Closing session to ftp… ??? What is this “timeout waiting for buffer” ?

And why is there nothing written between 18:04 and 18:08, when it actually crashed ?

Thank you for your help.

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OK, finally it also happened in local (NFS) twice yesterday… Right in the last third of the movie.
This is quite boring :smiley:
If you have any idea, I take it ! Thank you !

OK, so it was getting worst and worst… I gave up, i switched to openelec. It is now working fine

Same issue here ,

Latest update causes freezes by first losing sound and then nothing.
I’m ising nfs shares from synology.
Kodi on my tablet has no problems.
This should be reported as bug as i see many people here with the same issue’s in different topics

Great, but saying “me too” doesn’t actually help. Logs ?

tell me how and i’ll send , but i’m currently proceeding in other topic with also someone who is having the same issue.
maybe we should all continue there


(which is pinned at the top of the forum by the way)

DBMandrake , as you see in this topic its a random issue , i want to log it but it does not alway happen so … rather difficult, i like osmc and would like to stay with it but a few allready went to another distro that does not have the problem ?? this cannot be the intention .
i’ll try my best to upload some logs tonight if it happen again in the other topic.

kindest regards

A few people are reporting this issue, yes, but you have to keep this in perspective - we have over 500,000 user installs and we have maybe 10 people reporting the issue on the forum, assuming that the “random freezing” experienced by these people is in fact caused by the exact same problem and isn’t just, well, random… :wink:

Of course we would like to try and fix any legitimate problem but without something to go on like logs there’s absolutely nothing we can do. We’re not mind readers and we’re not superhuman. If we don’t know what the problem is, can’t reproduce it first hand, and can’t get good log files or other information demonstrating the issue or narrowing it down there’s nothing that can be done.

The fact is that on the Raspberry Pi platform the vast majority of complete system lockups/freezes, especially those that occur randomly have a hardware origin to the problem - changes in software can provoke a seemingly stable system into becoming unstable but it’s very unlikely to be an actual software issue.

To assume that it’s a massive problem that is affecting large numbers of people is wrong - if it was a wide spread problem there would be 10x or 100x as many reports on the forum.

Hi there,

I have just face the same problem - Kodi freezes, usually with “working” sign during when I have tried to play film from FTP. Although I am totally new with this tool (today is my first day with Kodi) I have found strage solution. Aparently all is working well when I set only 2 speakers in the System/Settings/System/Audio part. Switching to 5.1 causes freezing with films with more than 2 channels. System Android 5.1. No matter if I put in system settings S/PDIF, HDMI or PCM - same results. Kodi works with 2.0 channels and freezes with 5.1 channels.

Maybe it helps someone.