Since Matrix upgrade, Kodi is very very slow to open any video file


been searching the forum for similar issue for a couple of day but I did not find anything close…

My problem is : since MATRIX upgrade each time I launch a video file now (any type SD, HD, mkv, avi, h264, h265, dolby or aac, …) the GUI is like freezing for 15 to 25 second (never less), even the debug info are frozen during this time, and finnally the file gets opened and plays perfectly correct after that. No stutter or else, just nice.
Absolutely no issue or delay opening audio files, or pictures.

So my problem is just the extreme delay between selecting the movie/episode and the actual start. It used to be just a couple of seconds with LEIA on the exact same config.

I use: VERO4K+, with all videos on local USB disks via a poweredhub.

If you want to check the logs :
test video file is named ‘Une Nuit au Gramusset’
TimeStamp for select : 14:54:58.233
Timestamp when actual starting : 14:55:24.205 (!)
Only 3 strange ERROR message in between as I can see, just before the movie kicks in: can they be related ?

2021-09-03 14:55:24.195 T:2600 ERROR : GetDirectory - Unhandled exception
2021-09-03 14:55:24.195 T:2600 ERROR : GetDirectory - Error getting /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/
2021-09-03 14:55:24.195 T:2600 ERROR : GetDirectory - Error getting special://temp/

Thanks for your help, my only issue since MATRIX upgrade, but this is really annoying for now.

Here is a complete log file .

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Have seen that before with another user. There the solution was to start with a clean Kodi configuration.

Many thanks for the prompt answer!
It looks very similar indeed, so I will try it that way, but probably in a week or so and come back here.

One question, once starting with the new .kodi directory, is there a way to restore as much as possible of my configuration/settings like display/audio/sources/smbconf etc… (not addons I will add them one by one to be sure). Is an OSMC Restore ok or is there a big risk I reimport the problem doing that way ?

Or maybe I could try to stop KODI and just recreate the temp directory if this is really the root culprit ?

Well a restore would restore back the whole Kodi folder so it’s not an option.
But after you moved the Kodi Folder and restarted Kodi you can 1 by 1 move your config back.

Well I actually not sure if it is the culprit as you could upload the logs which are stored in that directory. But it would be interesting to check that folder when you have the issue.

Issue SOLVED thanks !

see Slow video start up