Single NFS files sometimes not loading

I have been having this issue for years but I never reported it.
Sometimes one of my files doesn’t load without any reason.

I have my own NFS server with my video files and each is mounted to both my Vero and my Pi.
Sometimes one single file on a disk stops working, sometimes multiple files on a disk stop working and after a few hours they work again.

For example Youtube clip 1.mkv and Youtube clip 2,mkv are on the same disk, at 1 PM I try to play Youtube clip 1.mkv and it doesn’t work, I play Youtube clip 2.mkv and it works fine!

If I walk to my NFS server any try to play either of the files they will both work, they always work, but if I walk back and try to play the same file on my Vero it won’t work, but half an hour later it does…

I tested all disks and file systems a bunch of times over the years and switched disks, there is nothing wrong with them.
The NFS software I use on my Win 10 x64 is Hanewin NFS.

I finally caught an error on kodi, I hope someone has any idea what could cause this because none of my hardware is broken of corrupt.

Error: NEWADDON Unknown Vieo Info Key “progress”
Error: Open - failed to open source nfs://source/directory/video.mkv
Notice: VideoPlayer: Finished Waiting
NOTICE: VideoPlayer: Waiting for threads to exit
NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()
NOTICe: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()
ERROR: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [nfs://source/directory/video.mkv}
Error Open: - failed to open source <nfs://source/directory/video.mkv
Error: GetDirectory - Error getting nfs://source/directory
Error: Failed to open (//directory/) opendir call failed with "NFS: Lookup of /directory/ failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2)

*added by copying manually from logs so spelling errors can exist

That just shows that it timed out waiting for access to the file. There is not much to go on there. If when a file doesn’t work, it doesn’t work on both the Vero and the RPi then that would strongly suggest that there is an issue with the Windows box and/or the Hanwin software.

I think I would probably setup the media for sharing in Windows as well (if not already) and add a folder for that in Kodi’s file manager (in settings). Next time you get one of these files that won’t play try it from the file manager and see what happens. If it plays though there then you know Windows and the drives are fine and it is the Hanwin software to blame. If they also don’t play from there then you have a new data point for a rather odd problem.

The thing is that I’ve had this for several years so I ruled out most of the problems.

The hardware is fine, the files even play on the windows box while they don’t work on BOTH the Pi and the Vero because it will suddenly stop working on both systems.

If it was an issue with the disks I wouldn’t be able to play them on the windows box but I can.

If it was a Hanewin issue I shouldn’t be able to play anything on the disk when 1 file fails but I can.

Trying to play them from file manager instead of the standard library option doesn’t work either.

In all cases it comes and goes, it might work right now but stop in an hour and start again 10 munutes later.

I contacted Hanewin before and they said it had nothing to do with the software and that it was an odd problem I’d have to take up with Kodi, since Kodi is OSMC for me here is the weird issue.

By file manager I meant as a Kodi smb connection. This is a way of isolating where the issue is coming from to narrow it down. If you think this is a ridiculous idea then don’t try it.

The only other thing I can think to suggest is the same thing with a NFS system mount and see if that is more robust.

or alternatively you can try autofs which some people find works the most reliable especially if they have a less than stellar network connection.

The only thing is that I’d still be stuck using Hanewin, there is no replacement for Win 10 (far as I know) so I can’t rule that out as a culprit or even if I find it as a culprit I’d have to deal with it. I could fstab to auto mount to see if it improves but that is just client side, it’s no server side fix.

I’m using smb with windows 10 without an issue so i’m not sure what you mean. A system mount will interact with Hanwin differently so if there is an issue it may be with Kodi paths and not with a system mount. From what I recall the people here that are big hanwin fans are also using system mounts.

I will try this as soon as I can, I’m first have to open another topic for different issues.