Skin Arctic Horizon


I am planning to buy a 4k+ and was wondering if the box allows to install any skin from repositories? Mainly the Arctic Horizon skin of Jurialmunkey.

Additionally I live in the Netherlands, will you ship to this country?


They will ship to the Netherlands np

The skin is I think widely used, just have a search and you will probably find some users that are using it.

Yes - that should be fine.

We ship to NL.

Thanks both,

One last question. I have a library of +10.000 movies. I want to connext via Plexconnext and have 30 widgets on my home screen when using Arctic Horizon Skin. I noticed that these widgets will load very slow on a Mi Box S Kodi Leia and was wondering if you can give me an indication on how fast Vero 4k+ box is? Will this load the widgets fast enough as the box is only having 2GB of RAM or is a Pi 4/ Shield TV 2019 a better performer to load widgets and navigate through this kind of big libraries on kodi?


I’m using the same setup with a library that aren’t near as big as yours and around 12 widgets on my home screen, and in my opinion, the widgets are somewhat slow at updating. Not sure if it’s the hardware or if it’s PKC (I suspect it’s the latter) that’s the bottleneck here but it definitely isn’t super fast.


Thanks for the clarity, is it possible to post a video of how fast the widgets will load? Is it taking minutes?