Skin changes lost after a reboot

I too am having this issue. was using Xonfluence nicely after Krypton update. made some new visual tweaks via the GUI, decided to watch a movie on my HDD, but after finished watching movie said that Skin had updated and needed reboot. So rebooted system noticed my settings didnt change then sad :frowning: appeared on screen follwed by a reboot. having to format SD card and start all over again as ended up stuck in a constant reboot cycle then wouldnt boot from card again. after a complete reinstall of OSMC its booted again :slight_smile:

the problem does not appear only on one skin but on any skin.

We had the same problem 8 or 10 months ago if i remember.

IIRC the problem many months ago was on reboot.
Does selecting Exit, then rebooting after Kodi loads again resolve the problem?

Are all settings lost, or just some? Is there a setting I can continually change that will be lost on reboot? How long are you waiting before you reboot?

problem stands either after reboot or exit.

Some times only newer changes in settings are lost, sometimes skin reverts to default.

Does not matter how long you will wait before exit or reboot. Even if you reboot after a week you have a big change for this to happens.

sometimes the settings are not reverted after a reboot or shutdown. But they will eventually revert after one more shutdown or reboot, or after two or three.

I have found no easy way to always replicate this problem. I would say 8 out of 10 shutdowns or reboots results in skin settings revert back to default or only the last skin changes reverting back to default.

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I just realized what you told me to do. you mean quit kodi but not reboot or shutdown.

I just made a try and got a sad face. First time i used quit/exit.
I made a second try and skin loaded with all changes i made before the exit.
After that i rebooted and skin reverted to defaults. < - before I found this thread, this log indicated the same issue. skin no loady!

Hi all, I’ve read a few tidbits here mentioning that this issue only happens on certain skins. However, I’ve also read that this is a global skin problem. I’m not sure, but I think I may have come up with a fix, I’m going to test it a bit more extensively and see what I come up with. With that in mind…

I’m an old school Kodi user (I like to think so anyway) and thus, I’m so damm old, I don’t wanna switch away from Confluence. Yup, I use Confluence. I love the 5 shortcuts. Don’t ask why. In any case, I can confirm that with Confluence was acting the same way (Quit = saved settings & Reboot = changed to default settings).

Now, after reading through this entire thread, I realized no one had tried the same things on a different skin. So, here’s my process and so far, after reboot, changes stay…

Preface: I have a Raspberry Pi3, SanDisk microSD, HDMI’d to a Visio, hard-connected (RJ45) to my Router, and with OSMC that recently updated Kodi. It defaulted to Estuary skin, and so, I immediately changed back to the Confluence skin. The update seemed to have wiped my Confluence skin clean (back to all default Confluence skin settings)…

Confluence (first time after switching back from default Estuary skin following update):

  1. Took out Main Menu entries: Weather and Pictures.
  2. Changed background image to my custom one that I have in ~/Pictures (or /home/Pictures if you are a Gentoo user =D) on my SD Card of my Pi3.
  3. Filled the five Video Shortcut slots with my video addon favorites.
  4. Went addon hunting for music addons. Installed a bunch.
  5. Tested a bunch.
  6. Picked my five favorite music addons and filled the Music Shortcut slots.
  7. Enjoyed a particular video addon on.
  8. Shutdown (not Quit).

The next boot (the nightmare begins…):

  1. Boot . . . . . . Default Confluence settings! No custom bg image… no 5 shortcut video/music addons!
  2. Do all the same changes I like…
  3. Reboot. Same defaults… (repeating 2. and 3. two more times…)
  4. Googled a bunch of stuff. Took a while trying to figure out how to ssh in.
  5. Finally found this thread and read through it all. This is where it gets good…
  6. Switched to OSMC Skin.
  7. “Deleted” Weather and accidentally deleted the following Main Menu entry (maybe more) leaving the following Main Menu entry as Radio.
  8. Changed the background image to one that the skin already has listed.
  9. Reboot… not only did the changes stick, but when it rebooted, on boot loading, I saw a single line of CLI-like entry flash that did not flash before on any of the reboots. It was too fast to read it, but that was a different outcome from the other reboots.
  10. Switched back to Confluence.
  11. Took out Main Menu entries: Weather and Pictures.
  12. Quit (not Reboot).
  13. Turned TV back on and Wake Up Call to Pi3/OSMC. Changes stuck.
  14. Rebooted. Changes stuck.
  15. Changed to custom background image.
  16. Quit. Changes stuck.
  17. Rebooted. Changes stuck.
  18. Made final changes to Video & Music 5 shortcuts.
  19. Quit, Reboot… both times changes stuck.
  20. CEC works, fyi.

While I’m not sure this a permanent fix. I’ve had no further issues so far. Here’s speculation: After changing OSMC skin, some kind of new file was written that was not there before?

If anyone wants me to do anything else, I’ll be checking this forum post periodically. I can even provide current logs, if need be.

I hope I’ve contributed.

Update 1 (A few hours later): Kodi froze and so I had to hard reset. When I did, OSMC skin appeared, but with Confluence GUI sounds (I normally turn these off). I reinstated Confluence and all previous saves were there. This may be the result of the freezing or the freezing and skin change the result of something else, I’m not sure.

Update 2 (2017.02.15@5:43pmPST): So far, been watching my favorite addon. No reverts or defaulting skin–all changes retained. Looks like it’s working great.

worth a try. thanks man.

I’ll try and get a chance to look at this soon.

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so i made a new installation of osmc, used osmc skin once and reboot, change to estuary and reboot, installed another skin and reboot, changed some skin settings and reboot and skin reseted.

Lets hope that @sam_nazarko will solve this.


Did you try Exit before rebooting as suggested above? Did it help?

Yeap forgot to write that. I did try it and it does work for a couple of reboots or shutdowns. After some reboots or shutdowns skin gets reseted again.

As you said you will look into it. Its not a huge problem after all.

Thanks once again Sam.

I’m having the same problem. I use Mimic and it seems to drop any setting changes fairly regularly since updating to Krypton. I also use Profiles and when it drops the settings it drops the Profile settings as well and so it automatically logs in with my normally pincoded profile. :frowning:

Also, quite often after starting it has changed the skin from Mimic back to the default.

I only started trying to figure out any pattern last night but it seemed to temporarily help if I quit to the profile login screen before rebooting. It would be okay for a couple of reboots after. I’ll try playing around some more tonight

I seem to be having the same issue, I don’t think I have much to add that hasn’t already been said but I’m using the Estuary skin and see the issue occasionally when powering on my Pi2 after a shutdown (from the Kodi menu). My skin is reset to the OSMC skin, in settings the view is set to “Standard” and several of my settings have been reset (possibly all but I’m not sure which are defaults anyway). One other thing I noticed on the last occasion was that my backup settings in My OSMC had also reset.

That is the 2ond problem where kodi reverts almost everything and resets its uptime to an earlier date.

On this not only skin resets to default or losses the latest changes but even kodi settings are affected.

This in not frequent at all and i have found no way to replicate.

I was able to stop this from happening by loading master user, making my edits and saving.

Ok, so I have used OSMC/Kodi for some time now and all my changes have not defaulted. Everything I’ve done to the skin has stuck. I’m fairly certain my skin problem is fixed. The only thing I can think of that was a big change was using the OSMC skin specifically, changing it and then quitting/rebooting it. If any of you do that and on the next reboot, while it is normally a black screen you see a new single line of CLI that did not pop up before, that should do it. I forgot to mention too, I remembered something else at that time too, after seeing that one line of CLI on reboot, I also noticed that even though I had already added addons and gone through them to put them in shortcut slots, Kodi defaulted the video addons section to “first run…”, as if I had just installed Kodi and had no video addons, yet. After getting past that screen, it never popped up again and all my skin changes have stayed since then. If nothing else, it’s worth giving a try to select the OSMC skin, change it some, and then quit and also reboot, separately. Maybe it will help. I hope I’ve contributed.

Silly trick to maintain the preferred skin in Kodi 17 (Confluence for me)

Install and choose Confluence
Choose the options of the Confluence that you want/need
In the same session revert to any others skin (example OSMC) and save
In the same session choose Confluence again and save

Confluence will be permanent


Hello everyone,

I’m facing the same problem since the upgrade to the new version and I already try to reboot, change skins and reboot, keep a bakup of guisettings.xml, etc and nothing works. This is very annoying.
Do you know if a clean installation solves the problem?
This other issue is not related? Skin regularly reverts to OSMC standard skin after reboots by itself since last update on my Vero... :-( - #17 by sam_nazarko

Best regards