Skin helper service errors

I’ve had this problem for some months but I don’t recall exactly when it started. All context menu action generate a pop-up warning. However everything still works other than the skins menu editor. I use the Estuary Mod V2 skin. Logs at
Any help would be appreciated.

Does the error happen with the default skin? If not, you’ll need to contact the skin’s author.

If anyone searches here looking for help on a similar problem, I have (for myself at least) found a solution at this thread skin helper service.
It wasn’t the skin at issue, somewhere along the line an update broke the skin.helper.service. Installing both the CherryPy module and the Skin Helper Service from the .zips linked at the above post worked for me.
Note - I couldn’t install the updates from marcelveldt’s repository as the links are broken. This would have been the more correct way as he appears to be the original author.

Can you be a little more specific as to which files you used? I see a number of links across several replies and I want to ensure I’m grabbing the correct ones. I’m very curious as I have the skin.helper.service issue on my own system, but read that my skin’s (Rapier) author would be removing that requirement as of Kodi 19, so I’ve been tolerating it. Your description didn’t sound like what I was seeing so I didn’t chime in with my own experience.


Skirge01, yes of course.
I used…ag/v17.4.0 &…unofficial from post #3,971 on that page.

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Thanks for being so specific! :+1:

I’ll give those a try and see how my system reacts. I did notice that in post 3972, there’s a skin.helper.service version 1.1.26 (Release 1.1.26-unofficial · TheTimeWalker/ · GitHub), which says it has an additional fix, specifically for Leia. I may give that one a try, as well, but first I’ll try the 1.1.25 you used.

I tried both versions and, sadly, it did not resolve the “busy” hang that I occasionally get when starting up Kodi. Oh well. I’ll wait for Kodi 19 and all the major changes that go along with it to see if it still persists.