[Skin] My OSMC text very small when Skin font set to Arial

Checked the forums and Github bit did not see this bug reported.

On a fresh install of OSMC after changing the Skin font to Arial (Settings->Interface->Skin->Fonts) the text in “My OSMC” becomes very small which would impede nearsighted people.
Default font is fine. Reverting back the font from Arial to default will also revert the text size.
Arial font is desired as it allows Chinese characters to be displayed in menus.

Kodi logs dump:

Screenshot using default font:

Screenshot using Arial font:

Screenshot of font settings:


Can you try restarting? I’m pretty sure we still import our own font on load.

Hi Sam. Still the same after rebooting the Vero device.
Additionally: Only “My OSMC” seems to be affected. All other menu text are fine.

Okay, no problem. Will check it out.

@Chillbo @anxdpanic - is this still an issue on v19?