Skin settings didn't migrate from backup created with 4K+ to the V

On my Vero 4K+ I made sure it was completely up to date, then I ran a back up using the default selections (which appeared to be everything except like two options), then I fired up my V, went through the setup process, did an update, then did a back up restore, after the reboot all my settings and library were good except nothing skin related was restored.
As an example, on the home screen I had it set up to show recently added movies instead of random movies.
There are many other changes I had made but that’s just one example.
This is all with the default OSMC skin.
Any ideas?

I haven’t tested this scenario but my first thought would be that the skin settings may have been memory resident so they overwrote the restore. You could try switching to Estuary temporarily, manually remove ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/skin.osmc then restore again and then switch your skin back.

Or you could just pull that folder out of your backup file and manually move it without mediacenter running.

Thank you, I’ll try those ideas!

I switched to the Kodi default skin Estuary, did the back up restore again, after the restore was completed it had put me back on to the OSMC skin and it almost looked perfect.
My home screen was still missing it’s customizations.
So I figured I’d just redo them.
But when I attempted to do that I was prompted that I need some Skin Shortcuts add-on.
It installed that add-on and my home screen looked exactly how I had it and I didn’t need to change anything.

So I guess the proper order would be to install the Skin Shortcut add-on, switch to Estuary, restore backup, and it should work.