Skin settings lost after reboot

I have tested two skins(Amber & AppTV) on the latest OSMC install with all of the latest updates. Every time I reboot the ATV1, the skins return to their default setting. I have enabled debug logging, but the only line I see that may offer some assistance is the following:

WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings.

I’ve rinsed & repeated with a fresh install on a new HDD with the same results.

Anybody have any suggestions?


I’m having the same issue with a fresh OSMC/Raspberry Pi 3 install using Amber. It loses all the skin menu settings during most reboots.

I’ve also seen the CSkinInfo error in the logs, but I’m currently trying to isolate the problem and will update this thread if I find anything new.

Thanks… I don’t see any obvious solutions on that thread, but I’ll try to debug the problem a bit and will pick it up there if this continues.

The link stresses proper shutdown but I would suggest checking the referenced files for proper permissions. If permission is wrong they cannot be written to with the updated settings.

I loaded up the Amber skin, then made my custom changes to the skin. Then I proceeded to click on Quit>Quit, which effectively restarts KODI and the skin settings were saved. However, at the next reboot, OSMC reverted back to the OSMC skin. Some funky stuff going on and I like it!