Skin - videos Addons


Can I change the order of the Addon icons?

Also clicking on it doesn’t launch the addon, I have to click on Videos, scroll down to Video addons and then I can launch. But this is asked in an older topic as well.


Kodi handles the ordering for now unfortunately.

Which addon and where?

In the Home screen, going to menu item Videos gives you the installed Video icons on the right. Clicking on them (any) doesnt launch the addon. I have to highlight Videos, click, then in the menu scroll down to Video addons, and from the following list I can launch a addon

I’ve reported the same thing.
Both Movies and TV Shows shortcuts to the latest added works fine, but the Videos addon list of shortcuts on the main screen doesn’t work.

Then I’m sure it’ll be fixed in future releases!

Sam, fantastic what you (and your team?) are doing!


Fixed, thanks.