Skins and Windows Shared Folders

A couple of basic questions that I’ve struggled to find the answer to:

Will OSMC support Kodi skins, such as Aeon Nox and Mimic?
Also I assume that it will stream content from Windows shared folders over a local area network?

As i understand it no major changes have been made to the kodi code so all skins that are supported by the current kodi version will work. And getting media from windows shares should be no problems.

You can use any Kodi skin on OSMC subject to the performance of the device OSMC is running on - eg on a 512MB Pi B some of the “heavy” skins may be a bit sluggish and/or may need the gpu_mem setting increasing to work properly.

A 256MB Pi will struggle with all but the lightest skins as you can’t increase the gpu_mem beyond about 128MB.

On the other hand a Pi 2 should be able to handle even the most demanding Skins with relative ease.

I personally use Black Glass Nova but have tested Aeon Nox and it runs absolutely fine on a Pi 2 running OSMC and is usable albeit a little slow on a Pi 1.

As for streaming from windows shares - yes this is a standard Kodi feature that is included in OSMC, or you could use a CIFS mount (in /etc/fstab) which performs a little bit faster than Kodi’s built in SMB client.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I know they are basic questions but I wanted to do some research before I went ahead and ordered the Vero with OSMC installed.

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I have AEON NOX in pi 1 B + with support of a USB Pen 3.0 and on the pi 2.In Both of them its fast and smooth. Never freezes and its not heavy at all.