Skins for raspberry zero 2w recommendations

Hi. I installed OSMC on a RZero 2w some weeks ago and it’s working fine but now I want to try with custom skins; the thing is, not every skin works on the zero; some of them make the system unstable or straight up crashes it (probably because of the low ram) and I’ve found quite difficult to uninstall it after that, so I want to know which kodi skins do you recommend that you have tested they work on the zero in advance. Of course the default Estuary and OSMC skins works without any trouble.

Thanks in advance.

I would think that the number of people running OSMC on a Pi Zero is probably pretty low so the feedback your going to get here is minimal. That, and the fact that this is a support site that mostly deals with support and not general Kodi topical discussions you will probably find a bit better feedback over on Kodi’s forum for this question. Generally speaking though if Estuary isn’t your thing then you might look at the customization options that the OSMC skin has to offer as it has a large number of things you can tweak and change buried down in its settings. Still, if it isn’t in the wheelhouse of the kind of look your going for the best thing is to just install a bunch of different skins to figure out what you like and what doesn’t cause a problem with the more modest hardware your working with. Even if you completely crap up your system with a bunch of unneeded files it isn’t that big of a deal to dump your userdata and start fresh again.