Skip, Drop and PC During Playback

Hi. Are skip, drop, and PC normal during playback? I know the ideal is that skip and drop frames are 0, but is this realistic? Or there will always be skips and drops no matter how good your machine is? And it’s just a matter of managing it so that it’s not noticeable? Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends on the content and how it’s encoded. You can get dropped frames when pulling up the OSD menu during playback too

Thanks @sam_nazarko ! Is there a way to find out if it’s because of the file or player?

I’d need a bit more information about the problem you’re experiencing


If there are dropped/skipped frames during normal playback, something is wrong. Dropped/skipped frames should never happen unless the average bitrate of your file exceeds the bitrate of your connection or the connection is dropping out.

Of course if you are doing stuff like pause/resume/skip or playing with the menu, there can be dropped frames and this is expected behaviour.

Nothing specific for now. I just notice that with most of the videos I watch, I get around 3-5 skips and about 1-2 drops on average. Just curiosity asking.

You might see a skip when activating subtitles.
This is resolved in Kodi v18.


Ah. That may explain it. I always turn it on.