SkyGo Application

Hi guys!
First of all I would like to thank you all for your GREAT work, congrats to you: your build is really amazing!
There could be a feature which could be a killer feature over all other build (no one has it as I know): is there any chance to have SKY GO app?
I know you’re working on native browser (awesome), maybe it will any chance to use Sky Go website but it requires Silverlight plugin so I don’t know if it will be supported…I think native app it’s the best way, what do you think about it?

Thank you and regards!

Silverlight is Microsoft DRM crap so my guess that this will never be fully supported by anyone unless your running Kodi under Windows

This if you want to use browser…but what about SkyGo app? It has Android version fully working…any chance to use that app on OSMC?
Excuse me if this is a ridicoulus request…maybe it is simply impossibile…I’m not an expert.

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If the source is using DRM and does not provide a method for kodi/linux to comply with DRM requirements, then yes, impossible. This is the same issue that plagues Netflix use in Kodi on Rpi.

Android is not fully opensource they have a closed part for DRM crap as ActionA said RPI is plagued by this problem but if everyone started to use html5 there might be a slim chance of making all this work in the future

if this works out the way it should any compatible browser should be able to play DRM crap again “huge ifs” if there ever will be an addon…

there was a petition for netflix

but it didnt get enough names which is a crying shame would have been one less DRM service headache

These applications use DRM, which is provided by proprietary applications such as Silverlight. We are seeing a transition to HTML5 (e.g. Netflix), but they still depend on the WideVINE DRM library which has restrictions. To my knowledge it has only been compiled for a small number of ARM targets (which is why ARM Chromebook can play Netflix, with ‘’).

This is not possible at the moment


Thank you guys for replies!
So…keep wainting and hoping…!

Thanks again!

dunno if its working but

just came across it while researching another plugin, dunno how it works or if it works on arm processors but its worth a try if it fails you tried atleast :smile:

use this repo to install the addon from since it probly needs dependencies from that repo

I see the v.0.0.9 has been released with SkyGo Client. How to install it???

Download the repository zip
then install from zip under system > addons
then install from repository

its all listed here how to do it

I’ve created a program to launch SkyGo that can be launched from Kodi, if you’re interested.

Is there any way to get Sky Go working on a Vero 4K running the latest Leia? I’ve got Netflix and Amazon working.

I think the KodiNerds repository had a German version.

Hi Sam, yes I’ve tried that version and it won’t work with my Sky account details so I guess its locked to the German Sky Go- I wonder if theres any way of getting working with a UK account?

You’ll probably find more relevant info by searching the Kodi forums as this would be dependent on Kodi and not specific to OSMC.