Slight audio delay in Kodi menus

Anybody else experience a delayed their Vero 4K with audio when switching between items in the UI? It’s only a very slight delay but annoying when you’re going through menu items/on screen keyboard quickly. I’ve tried the Estuary skin and OSMC skin and it’s the same in both. The audio is from my television connected via hdmi. Videos played seem to be fine.

What is the audio setting you have chosen under Settings - System - Audio

Not at home at the moment, but I get 2 choices PCM or HDMI, it’s currently set to PCM. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried HDMI but get the same issue.

HDMI should be better as PCM introduces processing delay

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Ok, I’ll set it to HDMI when I get home from work later and check if that makes a difference.

I had the same problem. You have to turn off an option in audio settings. If i remember it’s something about mantain audio alive for 1 min. If you turn It off you shouldn’t notice delay anymore.


Thank you so much, I had this problem from the beginning and it annoyed me mightily. I use a Logitech Harmony via bluetooth and the Vero4k reacts super fast to it but the sound was lagging something like 0.2 seconds or so behind, which ruined the experience in the menus somehow.

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Brilliant, this fixed the issue straight away :slight_smile:

I never noticed i had that problem before but that setting fixed the delay problem in the menu! Thanks!

Maybe it should be set as default option. We should ask @sam_nazarko

It’s certainly the easiest way to fix this.
I think there was a patch to mute SPDIF with a little delay to prevent clicks / pops; which is why you get a slight delay.