Slow ethernet iperf3 speeds until reboot


Hi All

Having a bit of an issue with the vero. I installed some cat6 the other day from the media center area to my router to get away from the troublesome wifi extender.

When testing from my pc (in office - ethernet direct to router) through the new cat6 line direct to the vero, I was only only getting 140Mb. WTF is this I cried? And took the vero to the office directly to the router. 940Mb.

OK, back down to the media area. 940Mb. Ok great maybe a patch cable wasn’t quite pushed in properly.

So again this morning I check to find 140Mb/sec. WTF again?
I do 1 thing only, and that is to remotely reboot the Vero, without even touching it. speed check back to 940Mb.
So it seems as if the vero eth is slowing down or dropping out and requiring the occasional reboot?


As with all other requests for support, logs would be more useful when accompanying such a description of an issue.


A log requires a restart, according to the instructions. A restart solves the problem, until the next time it slows down, which may be hours or days, I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it yet. How would you suggest I log this behavior? Can I somehow produce logs without a reboot?


You can get logs anytime. The only reason we say reboot is to keep the logs short and to the point.

I suggest reboot before you go to bed, leave the device overnight, test to see if it’s slowed up in the morning and grab logs if it has.


Cool, will try that - unsure how long it takes to slowdown yet…


OK, finally after 3 weeks I got the slowdown again. Logs here (but they’re huge):

The last thing I did this morning at about 10:20 was the iperf3 test, then uploaded.


I’ll check this tomorrow




Hi Sam - any clues in the logs?

Jun 29 23:31:27 osmc nmbd[646]:   query_name_response: Multiple (2) responses received for a query on subnet for name WORKGROUP<1d>.
Jun 29 23:31:27 osmc nmbd[646]:   This response was from IP, reporting an IP address of
Jun 29 23:32:44 osmc sshd[4293]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user osmc

alot of this before shutdown seems there are some conflicts in your network that needs your attention.


@Toast - can you elaborate? the vero is .24 and the gateway is .1 Not many devices on the system which is why I start all fixed IP’s at 20 and dhcp takes place from .3 upwards.
And why does the log refer to “subnet” .24? that’s weird. The vero’s ip is .24

Is this snippet repeated many times? what would the error indicate?


Hi @floatingkiwi — sorry this slipped through the cracks

Can you check the device on DHCP as a quick test?



Yes I’ll change to DHCP and keep testing.

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