Slow internet speed - RPI 3B


I’m using my RPI 3B as a media server (running OSMC-Kodi 18.5 and NTFS 1TB drive connected). RPI connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and the speed of it is really slow. Connection supposed to be 100mb/100mb (tested with PC and phone using and they both reached max). While using RPI Speed Tester add on (it seems provided by speeds are not climbing more than 10mb/s (basically less than 10%).

When copying files (to and from) the speed is more or less around 1-2MB/s and time to time (than trying to copy bigger files) I’m getting messages that error occured and cannot copy file into RPI

any ideas where I should look for a problem?

First should be to check your Wifi Throughput in the LAN (you can use iperf3 for that).

sorry for asking but maybe I could get somewhere more details on what exactly I need to do?

it looks like I’ve found what you had in mind. The problem is that my PC (ultrabook) doesn’t have LAN connection. Should I try to borrow from someone or is there another way?

I guess you found this in the meantime

You mean no Ethernet? But I guess it has WiFi so you at least can test WiFi to WiFi performance in your LAN

Speedtest is just basically pretty numbers has nothing to do with your thruput

good apps are ipref3 or wifiman

sudo apt install ipref3 -y

example of wifiman using your smartphone is useful.

again way more useful then speedtest

also wavemon is really useful to see the signal strength of wifi

sudo apt install wavemon -y

You’ve updated your post 4 times and it still says ipref3. :laughing:

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meh faaack it ill let that one stand haha

Although wireless is always good to install crda and then set country code