Slow internet speed

Just upgraded to 1 g internet. Test shows 1g output on moca coax. Hooked thru starlink Ethernet powered adapter to vero via Ethernet cable. Cables are new .Speed tests show between 15 mbps to 25 download and 5 to 8 mbps upload. My vero4 operates around 100 mbps download and upload. Is there a way to correct this problem? I also reinstalled vero. Thanks

How exactly are you testing this? If your using the speed tester add-on then the numbers reported are pretty much worthless for any high speed connection.

Is there another way to test the vero?

You may get better results using speedtest-cli from the command line but I think that still gives a limited result. I tried the above link on a RPi 3B+ and it was only showing 38mb/s down and 40mb/s up.

I then installed on my Vero 4K just using…

sudo apt-get install speedtest-cli

and that version of the program was only showing 30mb/s down and 40mb/s up.

My boxes both have several hundred mb/s available on the LAN as verified by iperf (I have a USB ethernet adapter on the Vero) and my internet connection speed tests on a PC at over 850mb/s. I’m personally not sure why it is so hard getting a good speed test but it seems to be.

Could you use iperf3 with a public iperf server on the Internet?

You’d have to check what’s close to you, but for example:

iperf3 -c -p 9200 -R

See iPerf - Public iPerf3 servers for some servers.

If it’s a Vero 4K, then 100Mbps is the maximum speed.

Only the Vero 4K+ implements Gigabit.


Could you give me the name of the USB Ethernet adapter?
Many thanks

It is just an Amazon Basics adapter and it doesn’t seem to have a model number. The one currently listed on Amazon appears to be an updated model so I can’t really speak to it. The one I have is shown below…

Starlink is still a beta system Last time I looked, people were saying that you could expect between 50-150 Mbps but a lot will depend on how the satellite system relays the data, and where the ground stations are located, relative to the data source.

Edit: Sorry, wrong Starlink. :roll_eyes: