Slow / Laggy Performance

Hi, i have just purchased a RPi2 and installed OSMC from Noobs download. I changed the skin to Kodi standard (i use this on Kodi on my phone) and am able to navigate the top level without any problems. The systems slows right down when I am navigating past 2nd level commands, ie, selecting a program to launch or browsing addons.

In the video section (You Tube) the system seems to hang for a couple of minutes when navigating between screens. When i get to a video i want to watch there is no problem with the playback (streams well) via a wired connection.

Is this laggy/slow performance of OSMC normal when using extra features? Anyhelp or advice greatfully appreciated.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

Hi. I have just uploaded (hopefully) my logs. Http://

Any help you can provide appreciated.

Check your URL that link is empty

Sorry. Think i forgot to select logs. This time i have selected all. I hope these help. You identy a problem.

I notied the log script that was running in the top left that the mem, cpu, fps numbers all seem to freeze for a while and then start moving again - from 2 to 10 seconds.

I had a thought and wonder if the sd card that i am using isnt the best quality do you think thus might have something to do with problems that i am experiencing.


Highly possible. It’s also recommended that you update to the most current versions of OSMC and Kodi. If your issues are with the illicit add-ons you have installed, you should seek support from their developers.

Thanks i am currently updating to the latest versions as you recommend (this is taking a long time to install) but i was experiencing problems from the very beginning.

If problems persist i will try an 8gb card that i have just had delivered.

Upgrading the library db’s between Kodi updates can take some time, esp if you have large libraries.

Its seems as if the SD card that i originally used was rubbish. It took almost as much time to install OSMC and update the Feb vetsion as it did for my original card to boot up.

Thanks for all your assistance.

I believe this is one of the top reasons for issues, I only use Scandisk cards these days.
I believe this is one of the top reasons for issues, I only use Scandisk cards these days which are cheap enough if you look I purchased 2 x 32GB scandisk cards with up to 80MBps for less than £20 and they were genuine Scandisk.
My local supermarket were selling 16Gb (same speed and make) for £9 each so it’s much better to buy online (sad fact these days).

Always go for a brand TDK, Samsung scandisk, Kingston many more but avoid the unbranded makes I bought these in the past but never again.

I would not recommend Kingston.