Slow menu browsing and list loading

Hello, I’m new to kodi and rsp but eager to learn about both.

I’ve installed osmc on a Raspberry pi 3 using a 32gb class 4 sd card. Wired network.

From the fresh install I had experienced extreme slow menu browsing in kodi and add-on menus. Also lists take around 1-2 minutes to load.

Could it be the slow sd card the culprit?

I would buy and switch to a better sd card, but since I have no use for the older one I want to be sure that this will solve the issue.

Thank’s a lot!!!


Class 4 is very slow, particularly for random write.

If you would like to be a good quality SD card purpose manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.


Yes. You want a card that supports fast random 4k read speeds. The card available from the OSMC store is a good choice.

Thank’s for the replies.
Would a 32gb Sandisk Ultra sd card a good choice?

It depends on the class. The class number is almost more important than the size (as long as it’s at least 8gb) or whatever ‘ultra’ or ‘mega’ or ‘fast’ name the vendors give the card. Here’s a decent story from How to Geek that might help:

The one from the OSMC store will 100% be what you need, but you can use (or buy) something else too. I have a class 10 in my RPi3 and have no problems at all.

You just need to know that all Class 10 cards are not created equal. The speed of random 4k reads are what is important to Rpi/Kodi. It also might not be outside of the realm of possibility that some Class 8 card might have faster random 4k reads than another Class 10. I have no experience with the SandiskUltra, so I can’t recommend.

I ran some I/O tests on an 8 GB Sandisk Ultra a while back. See here.