Slow playback

I have multiple RP2s running OSMC that I use to stream local content across my wifi network. Recently, the streams have started bogging down after roughly 10 minutes of play time. They will start up and play just fine, then pause and begin buffering. The buffering is extremely long.

Any suggestions are appreciated,

Do you use wifi or cable connections?
I experienced something similar with 3 Raspberrys connected to the network by wifidongles.

I still think that the bandwidth of the usbports is too low to get a stable wifi signal through. Or it is a problem with my specific wifi adapter.

You can get 30MB/s (i.e. 240Mbit/s) though the Pi’s USB port from a hard disk, so that is not your bottleneck.
It’s very likely that small USB wifi dongles with tiny antennas is the real issue.

I don’t use wifi (and wouldn’t recommend it for HD video), but there are reports of success with 1080p video streaming through wifi, so I’m sure someone can recommend a dongle. The results may vary with distance from router, construction of walls and how many neighbours are also using using wifi.

I have two RPi2s at my home and one at my mothers home. Each is wifi and a different dongle. Each started acting up around the same time. Until recently, they have been working perfectly. I’m wondering if there has been some change to OSMC.

PS: this is also happening with 480p video.

Hmmm. Not sure as my linux notebook with the same dongle attached has a lot better wifi reception and overall speed than the raspberry.
Both at same distance without walls…

Can you confirm the same video plays with ethernet? (e.g. move a pi closer to an ethernet socket).
Would be useful to confirm it is a wifi issue (and not say, a codec without hw decode support).

I have a pi 2 connected to ethernet that plays all the files from my nas without problems. Files with higher bitrates struggle for me via wifi on other pis that are connected via wifi. So I am mostly limited to sd video for those.

But I can live with that. Better ask the guy who created the thread :wink:

I can post info about the dongles when at home though if it helps.

Could it be that the sticks activate some kind of powersave after some minutes? Sounds like it if it only happens after some time into the movie…

Until very recently, I have had not problem streaming full HD. Now, the streams are extremely slow in two different homes. No common thread except OSMC really.

I had the same issue, with two different RB2 running OSMC, streaming files over SAMBA from a Time Capsule in the same network. What worked for me was changing the channel for the 2.4GHz network.

I scanned for all the signals and over 5 networks from surrounding neighbours were all in channel 11, which caused some interference that resulted in mixed signals that interrupted the stream constantly.

Switching my 2.4GHz network to channel 2 made everything right.

Hope this helps.