Slow samba performance


I just bought a new WD Elements 8TB, connected it to the Vero and then formatted it to ext4 according to this tutorial.

Then I installed Samba Server from the App Store.

I expected to max out the speeds possible with Gigabit LAN (Vero and PC both connected through a Gigabit Switch).
But when I copied a mkv file from my Windows pc to the shared folder I was only getting about 35 Megabyte per second. So I’m asking here what could be the reason for this slow performance.


35MB * 8 = 280Mbps, which is pretty good.

Check CPU usage to make sure it’s not a limiting factor.
Samba has quite a bit of overhead.


So is Samba not capable of those theoretically possible 125MB/s over Gigabit LAN or is it the Vero?

I know that it isn’t exactly 1000Mbit/s with Gbit LAN.

Remember that the Vero has a USB2 port, so that will also limit the speed.

Oh ok, I thought Vero 4K+ has USB3.0

So that might be it.

Can you delete this post?

I just assumed USB 3.0 that I didn’t look up the specs of the Vero.


We leave posts like this because other new people may find it and answer their question without having to ask.

You can probably get a bit more speed with the FTP Server if necessary.

Thanks for your advice, but I think I will stick with copying my files directly from my Windows PC (and maybe also share it from the Windows machine) so I can get 100+MB/s or maybe connect it to my new router that I’ll get next month.

I think you mis-understood Sam. By FTP server he means to turn on the FTP server on the Vero and access it from the Windows system using FTP instead of Samba. It may perform better with FTP.

If you get a router that can also host drives, make sure that it supports NFS and Samba (SMB). Then you will have the best of both worlds. The Vero can access the files with NFS (best performance) and the Windows system can use SMB.

I understood it like you just described, but I wan’t to have high speed (more than 100 MB/s) access on my drive and with the USB 2 port that’s not possible.