Slow smb network link

When using an smb share (added via the gui), it takes a few minutes for it to be available. Is this normal?

I have also shared the same folder via nfs but, I’m unable to open the folder. Any tips anyone can give me?

Nas is a Synology 1517+
Vero 4k+ connected via gigabit ethernet.

Should not take that long. I suggest you upload debug enabled logs so that we can see what might be the issue. Also maybe check your network performance with iperf3.

There are many possible reasons, I would start with checking from an SSH session with showmount -e <IP of NAS>

Generally if you want to use this long term you might want to look into using fstab or autofs to mount the NAS.

Maybe you need to configure the nfs persmissions.
have a look at this →

I used this excellent guide Configuring fstab based NFS share mounts

Thanks guys! Got it to work with a few guide’s. Still ashame that in todays world, we stil need the command line for kodi to add these shared folders.

Topic can be closed thanks!