Slow Sound with Vero 4K and HDHomeRun

I just bought an HDHomeRun tuner and am configuring it to work with Vero 4k. The setup was easy but when I watch live tv the sound is very slow, the video is fine just the sound. Almost like it is running at 1/4 speed.

I have verified that I have the latest firmware for Vero 4k (at the time of this writing it was the June update), the HDHomeRun (20180327), and PVR HDHomeRun Client (2.4.7). I am going straight from the Vero 4k to the TV (Vizio) via HDMI and have the output set to HDMI. I’m running both Vero 4k and HDHomeRun via ethernet connection as well.

I have searched the forums and found various issues with either no sound or out of sync sound but noting with regards to slow sound. Has anyone else run into this before and if so, how were you able to resolve it?



We haven’t seen this before.
Are you watching SD or HD channels?

Are you able to make a recording of the channel and see if playing back the recording has the same symptoms?


Thanks for the response Sam. I’ll work on recording a show and see if the same issue happens.

I found an SD channel and that does work fine so it appears to only be an issue with HD channels.

I did try installing the HDHomeRun App from the Kodi Respository (Version 2017.1.2) and had the same issue.

I also tried with the Tvheadend HTSP Client (Version 3.4.27) and that had the same issue as well.

I tested with a Raspberry Pi 3B and the sound works fine on both HD and SD stations so it’s definitely something with the Vero 4k. Still haven’t had a chance to test with recording but will try in the next day or so.

Thanks again.

Please let me know when you’ve had a chance to test.


I was able to get a recording on the Vero 4k and the same issue occurs.

Make sure your sound output is set to PCM.

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That fixed it. Thank you very much!