Slow start of video with PVR addon TVMosiac/DVBLink

I have been using the Vero 4k(+) for two years now and very happy! Only thing is I am having small issues with the two latest software releases concerning slow start of video play with the Mosaic/DVDBLink add-on.

When I start a recording or live stream two things can happen:

  • I can hear the audio, but no video. Eventually video will start playing really fast till it is in sync with the audio. From that moment everything is fine.
  • I can hear audio after some time, but have a black screen. When I skip back let’s say 10 seconds, video start playing with audio in sync and everything is fine.

When I just started using the Vero4K I had some issues with this plugin also which you solved very quick. It had something to do with the plugin not giving back the framerate or something like that? Can it be this raises some new issues in current release?

Can you please look into this. If you need a log file, please let me know.

Regards, Olaf.

Posting logs would be the best way for you to get help with this. Without logs, it’s just guesswork.

Hi I just uploaded a log file:

I played three video files, the first two from the guide so live. Which worked oké. The thirds was a recording in which audio was playing fine, video freezed for let’s say 5 to 10 seconds. Than it was catching up, played really fast till it was synchronized with audio. From that moment it was playing fine.

This is a glitch there’s been since Kodi 18.3 was upgraded to 18.4. It’s being worked on.

Oké, great it’s being worked on! Thank you.