Slow subtitle index list, fast download

Hi all,
Not sure if this happened after the recent update since it was a while back.
What happens is if I select the menu to download subtitles it sometimes takes over 30seconds to see the results. (using opensubtitles).
If I do this on my PC, the results are always instant… (also running Matrix)
Same goes for updating library. Adding new show takes ages and is instant on PC.
Iperf results are 900+Mbits.
I have added the logs.
Strange thing is the first show after reboot works fine. Timestamp 18:45:50
The second show takes a while to show results. Timestamp 18:46:27

Not sure on how to clearly explain myself since English is not my 1st language.

Logs :

Thank you.

From your logs, I can see your device is repeatedly trying to connect to an old WiFI network. You should disable WiFi under My OSMC → Network as you’re using an Ethernet connection.

This is likely consuming high CPU cycles.

First of all thank you for taking the time to look into it.
I checked settings, but they were and are already disabled?
Odd huh?

Try and enable it and then disable it.

The setting may be stuck


And this is the exact reason why I am a big fan of the Vero in all it’s glory!
The continuous support is stellar and actually from beyond the known universe.

Although the wifi adapter was marked as “off” it was the oppositie for some reason.
Enabling and disabling indeed seemed to have solved my slow issue.
Still a bit odd because the LAN was already fully active with serving media. So why repeatedly try to use wifi adapter?

Thank you Sam and team and I wish you guys all the best for the coming holidays. Enjoy!

Strange – because ConnMan (our connection manager) should always prioritise an Ethernet connection over WiFi for obvious reasons.

Not sure what happened there but glad it’s resolved.

Take care,


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