Slow Video, Normal Audio

Hi all, this is only happening after relocating my 4K to another TV. On many videos the video is running in slow motion but the sound is perfect. Can anyone point me to a list of settings to check - including all best set up settings as i did this before when setting up. Videos are a complete mix of avi, mkv, h264/5.

As I say everything played perfectly on the other TV and also does when played through a normal usb on the TV, if I bypass the 4K


Are these files being played over your network? If so then your network connection may be slower in the new location. If that isn’t it then I’d suggest to reboot twice, turn on debug logging, play a problematic video, then upload logs and post the url in this thread. This would be a more sensible approach than speculating what the issue may be.

No, this is all coming via external HD’s in both cases. Thanks for the systematic advice.

Looks somewhat like it was the interface resolution setting. I had it at 4k before and no problem, but on this TV it doesnt like anything over 720p ish (means I can get 60fps also which help those clunky old avi files.

I suggest to post a full logs set to help bring some clarity to your issue.