Slowing cd and dvd speed

Hi I am trying to reduce the speed of my dvd player, i notice a lots of erros on bufferoverflow and my dvd player makes lots of noise while reading a cd audio

[ 2729.597920] Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 0, async page read
[ 2729.604969] Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 1, async page read

I believe reducing the speed of the read and writte could stop all those errors i have read that the command eject - x 4 /dev/sr0 would do the job.

Where would you put this command because it needs to be put on each cd insert.

Sounds like it’s starving for power.

I am not convinced about power, cd and dvd’s have defects would those not generate those errors? The speed noise is very annoying though.

A noisy drive and io errors are indicative of a power problem.

By using a slower speed i believe i could reduce power consumption and stop those errors. Could i put this command somewhere that when a cd is inserted this command is triggered?

Other people have noticed the same thing

Fix the real issue, the PSU.


Your power supply probably isn’t up to scratch. You can learn more on our Wiki here: Frequently Asked Questions - Raspberry Pi - OSMC

I am powering the dvd player through a USB hub. The noise is the same if i use my laptop. It’s a loud humming sound.
The default dvd read speed is x24 following eject output.
If the eject command is correct i am turning the dvd speed at 6x less speed i can definitely here the difference.

Do you believe with a new usb hub i will be able to reduce the sound of the dvd spinning in the dvd drive?

If it’s doing the same think while connected to a laptop, then I’d think that would point to the drive as being the issue. You can get external Bluray drives fairly cheap nowdays…

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