Sluggish UI+Washed out HDR colors


just got my Vero 4k+ and hooked it up to my old SDR AVR+TV.
So far very impressed, but there’s 2 issues that’s highly problematic (not sure if they should be separate topics).

The first is that HDR movies looks dark and washed out. From what I know this is because there is no color space mapping or HDR->SDR mapping (I’m a bit unsure of what part affects what part). One of the big reasons I bought the Vero was because from what I understood it’s one of the few systems that’s supposed to handle this automatically.
If it weren’t for the second issue I guess I can live with it until I upgrade the rest of my system to HDR, but it would be nice to not have to have duplicates of every file to have both a SDR FullHD version and an HDR4K just waiting.

The other is that upon startup the UI is responsive and has no stuttering. But after an hour or so of usage it starts to massively suffer from stuttering or low frame rates, is that common?
If the responsive UI can’t be maintained that really kills the Vero as an option for me sadly :confused:

Thankful for any feedback that could point me in the direction of solving the issues.

Well there is HDR-SDR mapping but it does give variable results on some SDR TVs. We are looking at adding some adjustable knee levels in the curve. Meanwhile, you might like to turn up the contrast for HDR material (I’m not sure what you mean by dark and washed out - usually washed out = too light). In any video, press OK then click on the ‘reel’ icon to fid the brightness and contrast settings. They are saved for each file you play from the library.

Slow UI response is not my speciality, but is the device getting hot (I mean really hot)?

Make sure the GUI is set to 1080p and not 4K.


Ah, yeah, washed out is maybe the wrong words, muted or less dynamic is probably more correct.
I checked all of the files I have and about 30% of them look absolutely fine, so I guess it’s just a matter of the variable results.

In terms of the decvice getting warm, maybe, not sure. I rescanned my entire library to sort out the missing thumbnails for everything and since I haven’t noticed it so it’s possible it was simply trying to load something that didn’t exist and went into overdrive+throttling.
I’ll give it a few more days to see if the issue has been resolved.

I have the resolution set to 1920x1080p in the settings area at least, I can’t find any spot to change it to 4k so I guess that is correct?

I am also seeing some weird artefacts on a lot of posters (a white border on the right side) that could also indicate scaling issues I guess? The posters look absolutely fine in the info-dialog, but in the list views they get a weird border that’s sort of scraggly.

Keep it at 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate.

Alright, enabled refresh rate now, will keep an eye on it to see if stuff works as it should during tonights binge watching.

edit Seems that overheating or something was the culprit, I ran into the sluggishness again today after rescanning the library, but restarting and waiting a bit and performance is good again.