Small screen for Vero 4K+?

I am planning to use a Vero 4K+ to stream music from my NAS to the sound system. It’s an old system without networking capabilities, but the sound is very good.

Hooking the Vero to the receiver is easy through the SPIDF port. However, in order to select which music to play I would need a screen in order to navigate the NAS’ folders and add the music files to a playlist.

I currently use a Vero for my videos but it’s easy to navigate because I use the TV itself as the screen.

I am thinking that a 5 to 7in touch display is more than enough for that. Does anyone use a setup like this?

As a feature, it would be cool if there was an app running on Android that could access the NAS and the Vero and work as its display. In that case, a simple tablet or old phone connected to the Vero via its USB port should do it.


You could use the web interface.

How would that work? Is there a tutorial on how to set it up for the use case I am planning?

Did you Google for Kodi web interface? I’m sure they have an entire section of wiki dedicated to it

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You can type http://IP-ADDRESS-OF-DEVICE in to your browser.
IP address can be found from Settings → System Info → Network.

I think this will meet your needs.

Besides using the Web interface you could also take a look at the Yatse App or alternatively use VNC remotely to access the Vero.

@Rossi , since you mentioned using a phone as screen, you could try this solution. Install AirPin on your Android device and in Kodi on Vero select play to that DLNA renderer. Did this with the kids a few years ago, seem to remember editing some file make it default renderer. If you want I can locate my old notes on the subject.

Thanks for all the replies!

Do I need to enable the “remote access” option in OSMC/KODI for this to work?

The search results I got have been showing that I need to enable the “remote access” in my Vero 4K. Because of network security reasons, I’d rather not.

The solution I am looking for uses a display just to guide me through Kodi’s menus. I even though about getting something like that 7in touch display for the Raspberry Pi ( ). Would it also work with the Vero to navigate OSMC and KODI in a Vero 4K+? It requires some specific ports in the RPIs.

Another option is this one:

Would it work with OSMC and KODI in the Vero 4K+?

This one looks interesting if I do not have to enable remote acess.

I am a bit paranoid about my home network security, hence thinking about a simple display. Using a tablet or cellphone would work if I can make work as dumb displays. No need to create remote connections or things like that.

The Vero 4K+ and display will sit beside my receiver. I just want to be able to navigate OSMC and KODI, and create/edit/play playlists using the display.

The oposit, it’s used to play video on that display, just the DLNA bits. No GUI, sorry missed what you were after.

No worries. That’s correct. I plan to use the OSMC and KODI’s GUIs to navigate, hence only need a dumb display to see where I am going.

ok, well thinking back there might be some remote-functionality in the app, but i doubt the app i mention could be fooled to display the gui.

To help visualising what I am thinking, simply connecting a PC display to the Vero’s HDMI port and using a keyboard and mouse to navigate meet what I am planning. When the playlists and setting are ready, I would probably only need the Vero’s remote to navigate using the display to see where I am going.

However, PC displays are too big and I did not find something small (5 to 7in) that could use touch for input.

The displays for the RPis seem to need that device’s specific ports to work and I am not sure the Vero would be compatible with them.

No, those displays only would work on the Pi. If you only want audio playback and no Video then the Pi is anyhow good enough for the job.

“Remote” doesn’t mean outside of your LAN. It will just enable the Webserver on OSMC within your LAN which you also can protect with Username/Password and in latest version you can even use SSL for encryption.

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You can use the Android app “Kore” Official remote for Kodi