Small suggestions for the next Vero 4K hardware


Features I’d suggest for the next version of the Vero hardware…

  1. USB 3.0 ports. Gigabit is great, but uploading files to attached storage is hampered by only havig USB 2.0

  2. Integrate the OSMC remote receiver. Only 2 USB ports, and one gets taken up by the remote. I know you can add a hub, but more cables and PSUs, and massive drives are becoming cheaper, so only needing one or two makes a hub seem redundant.

  3. The light on the front. Love the little red light to tell me I switched it off, not really loving the rummaging around when for the PSU, or unplug/plug to fire up. Maybe turn the cross into a momentary switch?

  4. The option of a bigger case, to enable having a 3.5" drive (just one) onboard, so it would keep the wiring to a minimum and be a good “all in one tidy box” solution.

But they are just suggestions. :wink: :wink:

Keep safe everyone


Thanks for the feedback. We are always keen to take feedback like this on board.