Smart TV and OSMC privacy?


We know that Smart TVs are terrible for spying. But my family insist on getting one.

If I were to never connect the TV to the internet, and only use an OSMC box, does that prevent the TV from accessing the internet? I’ve heard about network access via HDMI, but it’s not clear how that actually works in reality. Effectively, in this set up the Smart TV is acting dumb/like a monitor?

Thanks for any advice.

Yes. But nothing is infallible.

If you connect a TV to a guest network with port isolation on your router then it can only access the internet and nothing on your LAN. As for ethernet over HDMI that is not a terribly common feature across the board but specifically not one built into the Vero or RPi and as such you cannot get a network connection this way from the HDMI cable.

Even with OSMC having the Internet, your TV won’t have access to the Internet (unless of course you connected the TV to your network)

install adguard home and start blocking most telemetry stuff, all devices has telemetry even this project although not that invasive

@sam_nazarko, darwindesign
this is not true.
This morning i recognize my Samsung U… TV got an IP from my DNS Server, it is only connected via hdmi to a rpi with osmc. My pihole shows connections to… I am very sad about this ‘feature’ i don’t know how long this is working.
OSMC VERSION_ID=“2020.11-1”.
Now i made the ip static and drop everthing in the firewall. Some research has to be done.
I register only for this issue, maybe it helps someone.

Surely it will not be via HDMI from the RPi.
If it really got an IP address it might have got it via Wifi :wink:


DHCP server distribute IP Addresses, DNS Server answer DNS Queries :wink:

No wifi possible, and wifi ist strictly regulated in my setup.
DNS mixed with DHCP - my error - thank you.
I simply test later with plug out the hdmi from tv.

Well neither is Network via HDMI possible in this scenario

Sorry to all, my fault, it was wifi, next time i triple check before posting.

Excuse my confusedness

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Exactly. Ethernet over HDMI requires hardware that no Vero possesses. It is a (literal) physical impossibility.