Smarters Pro IPTV Install

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to install Smarters Pro IPTV on a Vero 4K. There are apps in the Apple App Store for iOS devices, google play for android, amazon fire stick, LG TV App Store etc but I can’t figure out if there’s a version available for my Vero. Does it use the same apk as anything else like windows or google play?

Thanks for any help.

Gernerally its easier to ask the iptv supplier about this since most of us here have no clue what service that is.

Ask em for a m3u file with that you can use the simple iptv addon to stream your content.

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Smarters Pro is the software application not the service. When I googled it, it seemed like one of the most popular IPTV applications out there. Hence there’s even an app on the LG TV App Store. For the iPhone and iPad I can just search the App Store and install it. I’m having difficulty locating it for Kodi as I don’t know what the software is.

I was wondering if there is a Kodi version of the app.

no is the answer to that question.

As @Toast says, just ask them for the playlist URL and you can then use it.