SMB can't see files

Hi folks,

I’m using a Raspberry Pi with OSMC.

If I use the UnPn feature, I can see files on my router connected hard drive - however, I can’t then use the scrapers to get the file information.

Connecting via SMB using smb:// doesn’t seem to pull in any movies…

On my Mac I have to use a username and password to connect to the hard drive via SAMBA. Do I have to edit the .smb/smb.conf file to enable OSMC to login correctly or am I missing something?

Cheers for the advice!


If you just type in the URL manually as above it will not work as it won’t be sending any username or password. IMO the easiest way to add network locations is by going:

Add Videos->Browse then scroll to the bottom and choose Add network location. Now you can select protocol, server name, shared folder and for protocols that require it, username and password. The username and password will get saved in plain text in passwords.xml but it will not be visible in the user interface, which is better than typing in something like smb://username:password@ (Which would also work, but leave the username and password exposed in the video source dialog paths)

Thanks DBMandrake, I’ll try this today and see if it helps! Sounds like it might do the trick though.