SMB client/ share

Hi all. Hope you are all keeping well.

I can not access any SMB shares from my Vero 4k any more. It did work…but now doesn’t.

Here is my log

Hope someone can help me out there!
Thank you

  1. I don’t see any SMB sources configured in your logs
  2. It looks like you misconfigured the min and max SMB Protcol
  3. What is your SMB server?

Thanks for your reply.

1 - I have uploaded another log
2 - Maybe…but these are the same protocols as my Amazon Firestick…which works…fairly well…
3 - The server I am trying to access is my Humax Foxsat TV box…worked well last year…

as an aside in trying various min/max protocol version combinations in SMB client some produce this ‘snowing’ effect on the picture…the share still does not work…maybe I should revert back to an earlier build from March last year…

Here’s the strange ‘snowy’effect’

Check HDMI cable and contacts

Your logs still don’t show any SMB sources configured. Are you trying to browse for the server that is not supported anymore for security reasons.
Add the server manually

Yes, well it works if you add the network location in manually…just won’t find it automatically. I’ll have little play with it and report back. Thank you for your help.

This is expected. Updates to SMB to improve security disabled this function.