SMB external media share missing?


I did a fresh install on my RPi2 fairly recently. I just went to transfer some files via Samba to my USB drive, and I noticed that the [devices] samba share was not in the default configuration as it once was.

Is this on purpose?

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It’s hard to understand what you are asking as you haven’t described whether you are expecting the pi as a samba client or a samba server in this instance. Please clarify exactly what devices you are attempting to move files to/from.

If from the pi, did you reinstall the samba server from the OSMC app store?

Sorry. I am trying to use the pi as a samba server, transferring files to an attached USB harddrive.

I just installed samba from the app store today. My smb.conf only had the local home directory set up as a share, but I thought previous versions had USB drives setup automatically.

Your drives will be shared automatically when you plug them in. Are you saying this is not working?

Correct. It was not working for me, although it could be that the browsing (nautilus) just wasn’t behaving, because it’s working now.

I’ll keep an eye on it. For the sake of learning, where is the configuration file for these mountpoints? I didn’t see it in smb.conf.

We do it on udisks directly with net commands.

Ah, OK. Thanks for all your work.

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