SMB keeps prompting for password after hard drive change

Hi, I have OSMC on a Raspberry Pi, with an external USB hard drive. One of the things I use it for is to access files from remote Android devices using using SMB (usually via VLC). The first time I connect from a new device it prompts for a password, but then never again All was working great until I replaced the hard drive.
Now every time I connect from an android device it prompts for a username and password. It accepts the password and will access files, buy every time I change directory or try to play something else it prompts again and have to reenter the password. Have tried from different android devices, and all give the same behavior. Using uPnp is fine (no password prompt), but with my setup I need to use SMB
Nothing else has changed with the setup. Any ideas why this may be happening??
(I would still like to have a password to prevent unathorised devices from connecting, but not have to keep reentering it)

Well it is hard to understand how the server would influence the password storage on the client site. Things that I would consider:

  1. Change/Reset the password on the server
    2.Check for any password reset option on the client
  2. Enable logs on the samba server and check what is happening when the client connects.

Thanks for the reply. I did some more troubleshooting and found that this was only happening on Android devices using VLC (any androin device). Workaround was to save the location a favorite in VLC, which then lets you save the username and password in VLC, so all good now . Not sure what caused this to change, could have been an update?