SMB link under VIDEOS not showing sub-folder details

I’ll explain what I currently have setup wise, and then I’ll ask the question (as in the title).

I’m running the April update of Kodi 18.2 with the Confluence skin. My films are stored in grouped folders (e.g. folder A-D containing four sub-folders), and the SMB links were originally added a couple of years ago, and never had an issue with them.

I’ve been watching F1 programmes for about a year now and only recently added the SMB link to that specific folder (I used to just copy the files to the F folder and watch them there), but noticed that the sub-folders aren’t displaying any content (I’m watching them from the Videos menu option).

Some races are just a single file, but others are split into Buildup and Race, and are in a sub-folder. I’ve been through the settings, but can’t find anything about searching (or ignoring) sub-folders. I don’t store them under ‘TV Shows’ as their naming conventions differ quite a bit from TV shows and they wouldn’t appear.

I would assume that might be a permission problem.
If you use the Kodi File Manager (under settings) can you see the folders and files?

Just went in to the Kodi File Manager and added the same SMB link to the A root. I can then drill down into that and can see the files in the sub-folder.

Some more information which may or may not help. All the files are stored on a NAS unit. The films are stored in sub-folders off the ‘Public’ folder, and the F1 files are stored in sub-folders off the ‘Download’ folder. Both the Public and Download folders were created by the NAS unit itself.

File structure wise, a film like Rush is stored in ‘smb://sharename/Public/Films Q-T/R’, whereas F1 programmes are stored in ‘smb://sharename/Download/utorrent/Formula1’.