SMB performance

hi guys,
its a non OSMC issue per se but was hoping to get a solution here or at least a grasp of whats happening on my setup.

I just acquired the MINIX u9 for my 4k HDR needs but i have been very disapointed but the network playback.

Here’s my setup:

RPI 2 running OSMC + 2 USB HDD EXT4 formatted, one is selfpowered the other has its own power AC.
The RPI2 is plugged to my GBIT router with ethernet cable and so is the MINIX.
When playing 4k UHD HDR files from the USB HDDs attached to the rpi via LAN i get very choppy playback, its like slowmotion and without the sound.
Was wondering if, since thee USB HDDs are attached to the RPI 2, the lan speed is being limited by the RPI or is it the fact thats i’m using SMB rather than NFS when playing on Minix KODI?

Well the build in SMB library in Kodi is know not to be performant. So that is the reason that on OSMC we suggest the Vero4k owners to use fstab based SMB mounts (not sure if that is available on the minix.
Other than that surely the USB port that is shared between the USB disks and the ethernet interface surely doesn’t help the performance but still should be able to drive the 100 Mbit.
NFS has generally less overhead and should be prefered over SMB

Well last point, any reason that you bought a MINIX u9 instead of a Vero4k?

i didn’t buy the Vero4k simply because it didnt cross my mind plus Minix sells through Aliexpress and ships to Morocco, i dunno if you guys do. But when i get my second 4k HDR TV (for my bedroom) i will get the VERO4k or whatever will be the newest :slight_smile:
I’m running LIBREELEC on the Minix, im sure fstab can be done through SSH?

yup just found out that Modmypi sells and ships to Morocco and i dont have to pay VAT on it, but will pay import and vat here anyway. As i said, i will get one soon :slight_smile:

I still don’t get why you look at all different shops but don’t consider buying directly at the source Vero - OSMC

of course i looked at the official store first but it says something about low stock so i checked the other distributors. Dont worry, i will get it through the official shop :wink:

so, to get it work i have install nfs on OSMC (RPi2) then use fstab to mount share?

That would give you the highest possible throughput
While fstab based SMB should allow you to play every file with average <80M Bitrate

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Great i will try this tonight and will let you know, is there any configuration i have to do on NFS server?
most UHD files are 60-80 Mb/s bitrates

Yes, you need to export your Filesystem for your LAN

We can ship to Morocco quite promptly. Although we wouldn’t ship anything until next week.