SMB protocl share external HDD connected to the Pi2 to the local LAN by smb - disable loign and password

Hi Guys,

I will try to explain my issue, please consider that I am a new user and I don’t know perfectly OSMC platform.


1 - Raspberry PI3 (RPI3) with OSMC installed

2 - Raspberry PI2 (RPI2) with OSMC installed

3 - Hard Disk shared by TPLINK W8970 USB port (in the Router “Storage Sharing” configuration I have enable “Anonymous access to all the volumes”, it means all the users will be able to access the storage device without a user name and password).

On the RPI3 this configuration is working without any problem, I am able to add as network location the external HDD using the protocol SMB just filling the server name (equal to the IP adress of HDD in the LAN) and without to use/fill username and password.

On the RPI2 when I try to add as network location the HDD, using the protocol SMB, I must fill the username/password in order to complete the process, and of course I am not able to complete it due to authorization error because no user has been configured in the Router “Storage Sharing” configuration tab, so I am not able to add the external source to my sources.
Of course I don’t won’t to configure one user access in the Router “Storage Sharing” configuration. I want just to access to my external HDD using protocl SMB as guest profile, without use login and password.

Why the authorization process works in different way between RPI3 and RPI2?
Some one can tell me how to avoid/disable on RPI2 the login/passsword confirmation when adding an externatl HDD using the SMB protocol?

Many thanks

Could it be that you upgrade the RPi2 but not the RPi3?
Please check this thread

A lot of suggestion about SMB support after the recent upgrade of OSMC it’s can be also fouded on this thread:

Some user has tryed to mount the hdd using ftab files and automount the hdd at start of osmc using the protocol cifs… i thinks you can try to ask to know secure info and secure suggestion about this :slight_smile: