SMB server I get the error 2 “resource not available”


Maybe this has already been talked about. but why now every time I want to look for my SMB server I get the error 2 “resource not available” as I understand it is because of the new security of SMB before attacks.
but what would I have to do to enter my SMB service?
Thank you!

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Is your SMB Server an OSMC device or a WIndows Device?

Thanks Tom.


Hi. my server I have it in a popcorn a410 always worked until it happens to NFS. but today I need that SMB server and I found that error.


Ah okay. I did not understand the question, sorry.
my device is a Vero 4K



Where are samba shares hosted?

Vero4k or the popcorn a410?

Thanks Tom.


I have the files in the popcorn. This same has the Samba server activated. I want to access it from the Vero.
by NFS there is no problem but when doing a search by SMB I get that error.
A couple of months ago there was no such problem in Vero. Maybe some update …

Thanks for everything!



I would try changing Maximum protocol version to SMBv2 or SMBv1 on the vero, you can find it under:

Settings, Services, SMB Client.

Thanks Tom.