SMB shares not mounting on boot

Hi guys,

After recently having aqcuired a Vero4K, I have been having some issues with it unfortunately.

Issue 1:
SMB share defined via fstab is not mounted on boottime, I have to fire the following command for the mount point to be filled:

sudo systemctl restart

After the command, the share is instantly available and files can be played just fine.

Issue 2:
After an undefined period (Either active or inactive), when attempting to play a new file, Kodi attempts to start playing, but then, if not pressing the STOP button within 2 seconds, seems to lock up entirely, where the only working solution so far, is to pull the plug from the Vero4k and reboot in that way.
I tried to reboot via SSH but this results in the reboot taking a long time (with some debug information on screen for around 2 minutes or so) then the device rebooting, but never getting any video output anymore.

Both these issues were happening on the standard (updated to latest version) installation, so I decided to upgrade to some test builds available on here. The issues remained exactly the same, and I am at a loss how to continue troubleshooting this now, apart from putting the script in a cronjob.

I uploaded logs to in hopes anyone can give me a clue where to go next. I am no Linux hero, but comfortable on the commandline in case of any further steps to take there.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll leave Issue 2 to others who are more knowledgeable but note that you seem to be using Kodi (18.0-ALPHA1), so you should expect issues.

Regarding the first issue, have you selected “Wait for network” in My OSMC, since Kodi seems to be attempting network access before the network is connected?

Thanks for your reply! I had not discovered the “Wait for network” setting yet, but in my limited testing, it does seem to do the trick, awesome!

For the second issue, I also had this problem on the stable version.

Hi… (I do not have the box yet, but i am into linux)

Issue 2 ::

If possible, login via SSH to the box, and after that make box crash.
If you the still can communicate through SSH (not disconnected), you can try to execute the command “ps aux” and look which processes is running!
After that you can try to execute “top” which shows how much resources each programs use, and maybe you can see a program taking up way to much cpupower?

Try this and reply back.

Rgds; Jesper.

For me this sounds like you are loosing connectivity to your samba shares which makes it hang.
Maybe take a picture of the the debug info when you reboot in that situation.

I have made some pictures when it happens this time:

When clicking an item to play:

(Note the Playing item on the top right)

After logging in via SSH and issueing a reboot:

(Takes about a minute before Kodi is closed, the stays on this screen for another 2, then an indefinite black screen which requires a power cycle to finally fix)

I also checked the availability of the SMB shares during this time, and I was still able to browse the share via SSH.

Thanks in advance for taking a look!

This really looks strange. Next time it happens I suggest you login via SSH then run:
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo umount /mnt/nas

Then upload logs and after that issue reboot command.

Just an FYI, but I have not had the issue anymore since… Kind of weird, but I consider this issue resolved for now!