SMB unix_err:'6e' error: 'Connection timed out'

I’m trying to get my new raspi2 working and get those SMB errors.
My server is a windows server 2012 r2 with kodi and mysql. I want to share the database with other kodi installations in my lan (windows domain).
I can see the database contents (music albums etc.) on the osmc ui (connection to the mysql database is working) but I can’t access the files (mp3 etc).
Here are some configurations from my raspi:

osmc@raspi-an:~/.kodi/userdata$ cat advancedsettings.xml

osmc@raspi-an:~/.kodi/userdata$ cat sources.xml
   <default pathversion="1" />
    <default pathversion="1" />
  <default pathversion="1">Musik@Server1</default>
      <path pathversion="1">smb://</path>
    <default pathversion="1" />
    <default pathversion="1" />

osmc@raspi-an:~/.kodi/userdata$ cat passwords.xml
        <from pathversion="1">smb://</from>
        <to pathversion="1">smb://mydomain%5cmyuser:mypwd@</to>

Passwords.xml and sources.xml are created manually after reading a lot of posts about smb problems.
Kodi.log looks like this:

14:44:30 T:1957416960  NOTICE: Log level changed to "LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG_FREEMEM"
14:44:30 T:1957416960  NOTICE: CMediaSourceSettings: loading media sources from special://masterprofile/sources.xml
14:44:30 T:1957416960   DEBUG: CMediaSourceSettings:    Setting <default> source to : Musik@Server1
14:44:30 T:1957416960  NOTICE: Loading player core factory settings from special://xbmc/system/playercorefactory.xml.
14:44:39 T:1788617760 WARNING: Process directory 'smb://' does not exist - skipping scan.
14:44:39 T:1576543264   ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@'
                                            unix_err:'6e' error : 'Connection timed out'
14:44:39 T:1576543264   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://

In one of the threads I’ve seen a log message about “reading passwords.xml”, my log doesn’t include such a message is this one of my problems?
Can anybody help me out of this SMB hell?