So, is this dead or what?

I got a message a month or so ago from Sam on the old forums, suggesting I go here. Sure was disappointed. Am I deluding myself, waiting for a release?

Please let everyone know what you feel you are entitled to.

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Thank you for your kind invitation, Karnage. I think I will.

I feel I am entitled to respect. In fact, I feel that we all are.

I have been a Crystalbuntu user for a long time, going back to before RaspBMC existed, in a time when OSMC wasn’t even a gleam in Sam’s eye.

Ever eaten in a restaurant, where you’re trying to eat your meal, and the staff is stacking the chairs on top of the tables and shutting off the lights? It’s not very comfortable, is it? Shutting down the Crystalbuntu forums without having a replacement available is like that. I have read that the Crystalbuntu installers aren’t available anymore…that’s even worse (if it is true).

I fully understand and accept that supporting this is difficult, especially considering almost everyone else has abandoned it. But the way to abandon support for something is to tell people that it’s done. Freezing people out by promising support that never arrives is not the correct way. Locking them out from discussion of the product they still use is also not the right way. Shutting down communication is never a good thing for a community.

I think it is fair to say that RaspBMC, OSMC and Vero would not have existed, had the users hated Crystalbuntu. For that matter, Sam would probably be flipping burgers now, had Crystalbuntu been a total flop. This is not the best way to treat the people who got you where you are now. Communicate with us!


You want respect, you show it first.

Seriously, flipping burgers? You do realise everyone reading that will think you are a complete tool, right?

But do go on.

Please tell us more about all the things to which you sense you are entitled.

That being an entitlement so rich (and deserved) that it comes with the Right to haughtily demand things for which mere human beings may only respectfully request.

“Hi Sam, would you be able to add a Crystalbuntu section to this forum for us legacy users?”

Of course, that is just an example of how those lesser beings might approach the same issue. It certainly doesnt apply to you. You can carry on just as you have been. Though it might help to get the message across if you added “Don’t you know WHO I am?” to the end of every comment from now on.

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The Crystalbuntu forum has still not been shut and it will not be until we have an Apple TV build of OSMC.

With that said, I did offer fair warning that we were migrating the forums. The notice has been on the other forum for a couple of months now and the PM was sent a considerable time ago to each and every user.

This is incredibly disrespectful. Crystalbuntu was a not for profit project and OSMC is continuing as such. Had you paid for the software I would indeed understand your frustration, but having six years of support for a device when Apple dropped it after two and complaining is not appreciated. This device will die eventually: there is a reason it has been dropped elsewhere, it’s archaic.

I will get to an OSMC build for Apple TV soon. I have just heard there is a spill in aisle three so must get to this first.

I am genuinely bemused that you have the audacity to make this post. Please check again: the forum you speak of is still up, I have not closed any communication channels and we are working actively (with the community too) to get OSMC on Apple TV. Further to this matter: there is a section for Apple TV on this forum.



I apologize for my disrespectful comment, about the burgers. I didn’t intend for it to be that disrespectful, and I am sorry it came out that way. My intent was to suggest that you probably wouldn’t be in the position of being able to offer a leading distribution for Raspberry Pi, were it not for the things you learned doing Crystalbuntu.

I appreciate that Crystalbuntu has contributed significantly to that in terms of reputation and user base. As such, that’s why I’m making sure we keep it going for as long as feasibly possible. I ask for your patience – it will come, and it will be good.


I will indeed give you some patience…you have earned that.

Thank you for your clarification on the shutdown of the old forums. All I had to go on was your PM, which didn’t say you were gonna wait for a release before closing them to new messages. It seems you are not closing up the restaurant before I finish my meal, and, as such, most of the points I was trying to make are moot. This is why clarity and good communication are so awesome.

@sam_nazarko in the meanwhile it would be nice if we had a working copy of crystalbuntu…

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hehe… “Think Different” Apple products require “vision quests” and black, long-sleeve turtle-neck shirts.

But a spill in aisle three comes first. :beer: I find those help. I think it’s great that you guys are even doing a build for the ATV… it will bring it back from the dead. Something to look forward too. Thanks for sticking with it, @sam_nazarko