So...where is the App Store? Browser?


After reading this:

“You’ll receive regular updates which make OSMC better every month. You
can choose when (and if) you’d like to install updates, as well as
install new apps via our app store. The best thing? Everything in our
app store is free! Get a torrent client, web browser and TV tuner up in
seconds. All from your remote!”

I excitedly downloaded the latest (Alpha 4, I think) OSMC and booted up a new Raspberry Pi 2.

However: the advertised app store and browser are why I downloaded this OS - but I do not see them. I am at the OSMC screen…how do I access them? Perhaps I need to configure something still, or am looking in the wrong places? I found no mention of them (or why they don’t exist yet) in the wiki.

Thanks, and looks great!

“Alpha” in the name dosent give you a clue?

Then I would expect an App Store and a Browser that are in Alpha stage, not non-existent. Otherwise, why claim it is there? I would not mind if it was alpha, or if they said “it is coming” on their website.

I hope by “browser” they don’t mean the “Web Viewer”…

I’ve no idea what ‘Web Viewer’ is.

  • The App Store is already there, but the frontend GUI to it didn’t make it in to Alpha 4 in time. It will be in the next release.
  • The Web Browser is taking a little longer (a week or two) as I have other priorities with the project at the moment. We could offer a WebKit browser pretty quickly but we want to use Chromium v37 (WebEngine) as a base and accelerate it via EGLfs.



I think you need to understand the life cycle of software development.

The features you mention will be added in Beta once the main system is stable.

I had a quick look at that link, it is very informative.

So it is in alpha as we aren’t at feature freeze yet? It will remain in alpha until all the features are in place at which point it becomes beta. All features in place but potentially buggy. Does that match your understanding?

Can you tell me where the gold release that was expected last Saturday sits in this process? Is gold a last alpha or something?

I’m locking this thread for the reason that we have answered this question several times over the past 3 days and it does not contribute to the project in any way.