Soap Opera Effect on Sony TV While Adjust Display Refresh Rate is Set to Always

Hi. Has anyone experienced this?

Video has this soap opera effect when Vero 4K+'s “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” is set to “Always”. But no soap opera effect if refresh rate is set to “Off”.

Using update 2018-12.1

As often as you post here, you should know by now that you should supply logs and in this case also mediainfo on the file in question… :thinking:

Have you tried with On Start/Stop instead of Always?

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Will try the start/stop. Then if it doesn’t work, I’ll try to get the logs

Good guess: If you disable adjust framerate all video is output at the set GUI resolution and framerate - probably 1080p60. That would lead to the motion smoothening of a TV to not be active. When outputting 24p or 50p when activating adjust framerate the TV will use motion smoothening to make 60p or more frames out of the frames sent by Vero: You’ve got the soap opera effect.

So, check your TV for motion smoothening settings and disable those. Then enable adjust framerate in your Vero’s settings. :+1:t2:

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Thanks @Chillbo!

Thanks to @Chillbo who got it right. TVs motion smoothening was enabled. There’s a still a slight smoothening though when adjust display refresh rate is enabled AND when the Vero’s playing a fast scene. Is this normal?

On some TVs there are two different motion smoothening settings: a second one specifically for 24p movies. Maybe that could be it now. Vero is not adding anything of this kind to it…

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Thanks @Chillbo. These manufacturers are tricky

@Chillbo would a log show if it’s still from the TV?

No – but a log will show us if something is misconfigured.


Thanks, @sam_nazarko! I’ll try to get log.

(Beside any issue/misconfiguration)
fighting with the SOE on mine too I get the best result at this time with

  • OSMC: “adjust refresh rate” to start/stop
  • Sony TV: smoothness 2/clearness 0/film mode high

Ps: if you have a full led model the clearness can be engaged w/o drawback.

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Here some best practices for a few TV’s for turning off Motion Smoothing:

HDTVtest, best TV reviewer by my opinion btw!

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Yes he is awesome I wonder if you can get him to calibrate your tv if you aren’t English

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I wondered that myself, from the Netherlands over here, so maybe when he is visiting Philips :wink:

Thanks, @shamael @Theetjuh and @k2u3

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I doubt he will ever come to my neck of the woods I was more thinking if its possible to buy a new and calibrated TV from him or shipping one to him. With today’s logistics premium shipping with all securities shouldn’t be more then 100-150 euros and that would it be worth it for me specially because in my country none really does calibration for home cinema.

I think that is a great idea … you can just contact him with the same question :slight_smile:

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I send him a massage asking about the posibility to ship him a TV to calibrate or buying a calibrated one from him and so far I didn’t get a reply. Hopefully I will in the next couple of days

Sounds like an awful lot of hassle for what will be only a small gain, and from comments on the likes of avforums it sounds like the only reason to use him for calibration is for the novelty of having him come to your home. He’s usually more expensive than other calibrators while not being any better than them.

He’s been charging some people £400 just because he had to travel a bit, I imagine he’d charge you similar then you’d have the huge shipping charges to and from your country.