Socks5 in China - issues with shadowsocks client to kodi proxy

Hi everybody,

Recently I setup my own shadowsocks proxy on my own VPS as I am currently living in China. I can attest that this has been successful and runs on both my windows pc and android phone - this is probably because the gui is a lot more straightforward to use I guess

So I started looking at getting the client installed on my kodi so that I can stream youtube. I used this guide: Install And Use Shadowsocks Command Line Client on Linux - LinuxBabe

  • I installed pip via apt-get
  • Got pip to install shadowsocks
  • Setup a config file (/etc/shadowsocks.json) as follows:

server: (server address outside china)
server_port: (server port as set on server outside CN)
local_port: 1080
password: (as set on server outside CN)
timeout: 600
method: aes-256-cfb
(I omitted speech marks, and the config script was successful anyway)

  • Ran sslocal (sudo sslocal -c /etc/shadowsocks.json -d start)
  • On kodi I set socks5, address as and port as 1080, leaving password and username blank
  • I then tried pinging to no avail, and the youtube or vimeo addons also do not function.

Any idea what is happening? I’m still not using Linux on a regular basis so I figure I may be missing something for this specific debian setup!

I am also interested in this. When I also lived in China I had polipo run on a linux box which I had kodi point to as a http proxy. You can try this, but I didn’t have the best luck with it either because of limited development of polipo.

If you have any luck please report here.