SofaBaton U1 BT Remote Configuration

Has anyone here tried using a SofaBaton U1 BT Remote with OSMC and Kodi on a Vero 4K? This was initially going to be a question post, but as I’ve typed through and gone through trial and error, I’ve discovered pretty much all the mapped keys to clone the Vero remote. Since I didn’t see any other references to SofaBaton here in the community, I thought this might help someone else in the future.

Upon initial BT connection, all the directional buttons and the back button worked right away, as well as all the number buttons (something I’d obviously never had on the Vero remote and will be handy with the SofaBaton) but I’d been going through and trying to map a couple of other frequently used buttons.

I was able to map the ‘OK’ button on the remote as an ‘Enter’ key (that would have been a biggie if I couldn’t get that to map correctly), but the ones I was still stumped were the Submenu button (not sure what it’s technically called, but it’s the button to the lower right of the directionals, three horizontal lines with three dots) and the ‘Information’ button (the lower case ‘i’ in the top right of the Vero remote.

In the SofaBaton config, I’d tried functions of ‘Menu’, ‘Help’, ‘Select’, ‘ExSel’, ‘App’ and ‘Execute’, but hadn’t had any success bringing up the either submenus of Information, Mark As Watched, etc. or the Information screen for a show/movie.

I broke out a Motorola BT keyboard that I’ve used with my Vero and it brings up those submenus with a ‘Search’ key (magnifying glass), but I didn’t initially find anything within the mapping options that would even remotely equate to ‘Search’. For the ‘Information’ button, the keyboard brings it up with the letter ‘I’…and mapping the letter ‘I’ to a button on the SofaBaton brought me success there.

Typing through other keys on the Motorola helped me find that ‘C’ was a shortcut for the Submenus (why ‘C’ though?) and mapping that to the SofaBaton brought me another bit of success.

Last shortcut I inadvertently discovered was ‘W’ that can mark an entire series watched or unwatched, which I had never known in the past. Mapped that to a button as ‘W’ and it works like a charm.

So, hopefully this helps someone else going forward that is looking at one of these remotes. This is the first time I’ve been able to actually streamline my remote usage since I got a Vero 4K and I’m kind of geeking out about it. ::

The mapping for “C” is context menu which is distinct from “M” which is for menu which is the side/slideout menu on windows that have that. That button gets a bit fuzzy depending on remote as with remotes that map as “remote” instead of “keyboard” the “menu” button assignment does double duty. The page that would have saved you a lot of messing about trying to figure out simple assignments is here…

If you wanted to dive further you are best served by just digging though the default keymap

and Kodi’s wiki on the subject

But if you wanted to actually clone the Vero remote the keymap we are using is not stock